The Adventures of Seucy & Boto (encounter with the River Monster)

New Stage Performance Space
in association with Loco7

The Adventures of Seucy & Boto
(an encounter with Yacu the River Monster)

Join us at New Stage Theatre Performance Space to see a dance puppet theatre show, followed by an interactive workshop!

May 7 – June 4, 2017
Selected Saturday & Sundays, see schedule below

$10 per person for show (adults and children)
Workshop – $10 for children
$15 for children who want to do both performance and workshop
– the workshop comes with a puppet to take home!


By Loco7 Dance Puppet Theatre
Conceived, Choreographed & Designed by Federico Restrepo
Written & Directed by Federico Restrepo & Denise Greber

The Adventures of Seucy and Boto is an episodic series for kids about the Seucy, a brave little girl who battles any obstacle in order to keep the Amazon Jungle safe!  To date Loco7 has created four episodes.

In this Episode, Seucy, and her half-boy/half-dolphin pal Boto, unite with other amazing friends like Itzpapalotl the Butterfly, Sasha the Anaconda, Ceneotl the Frog, and Pachamama the Shaman.

Together they battle Yacu the River Monster and do what ever it takes to stop him from destroying the waters and all the creatures that live there.

Each performance will be followed by an interactive movement and shadow puppet manipulation workshop based on The Adventures of Seucy and Boto Series.  During this workshop kids will learn to manipulate shadow puppets and create choreographies and do crafts.

Ages 4 and up!

Under the direction and vision of Federico Restrepo, Loco7 has been active since 1985. Restrepo creates animated movement in an ever-changing and surreal stage environment to address themes of South American culture and history, the immigrant experience, and urban life.

Zulivet Diaz, Rebecca Hidalgo, Chris Ignacio, Hope Kroog,
Leah Ogawa, Giacomo Rocchini, Quimen Sanchez, Fleur Voorn

Music by Tareke Ortiz
and the Colombian band Totolincho


Sunday, May 7 
Performance at 11am      –     Workshop at Noon

Saturday, May 13
Performance at 2pm      –      Workshop at 3pm

Sunday, May 21
Performance at 2pm      –      Workshop at 3pm

Sunday, June 4
Performance at 11am      –     Workshop at Noon

New Stage Performance Space
36 West 106th Street
between Central Park West and Manhattan Ave.
Subways: #1, B, C to 103rd Street


The Adventures of Seucy and Boto – In Repertory on Vimeo.