Denise Greber
Denise Greber-Lopez

Denise Greber-Lopez has been a member and managing director of Loco7 since 2001. Her first production with Loco7 was 9 Windows, coordinating international tours as well as designing costumes and performing. She has also appeared and designed costumes, most recently, for Urban Odyssey, which she was nominated for a 2012 NY Innovative Theatre Award. She is an artist in residence at La MaMa, where she has been performing as well as touring internationally over the past thirteen years. As a member of La MaMa’s Great Jones Repertory Company she has been involved in Asclepius, Herakles, Perseus, Seven, a seven show repertory of Greek Plays, which included: Antigone, Seven Against Thebes, Mythos Oedipus, Dionysus, directed by Ellen Stewart; Electra, and Trojan Women, created by Elizabeth Swados and Andre Serban. In addition she has work with Ms. Stewart in Diana di Cantelmo. Other works at LaMaMa include Expiration Date, Dipterecon,Ventoforza 5, Sound of the Sun, Spring Awakenings. In New York she has performed at the Ontological Theatre, Ohio Theater, and HERE theatre; internationally she has performed in Colombia, Italy, Poland, England, Austria, Croatia and Yugoslavia.

Film: Charlie, directed by Sal Interlandi, Donna’s Lament directed by Gil Globus, Until The Noise Starts directed by Liza Eufemio, Plant Earth directed by DJ Mendel, The Cloud of Unknowing, directed by Richard Sylvarnes, produced by Hal Hartley, part of the 2002 Tribeca Film Festival. She appeared in Bruno de Almeida’s digital short film series, The Collection, in shorts titled The Super, The Supper II, and The Getaway Car which can be seen at

Her costume design credits at La MaMa ETC include Urban Odyssey, In Retrospect, Room To Panic, Open Door, Bokan, the Bad Hearted, 9 Windows, Gian Marco Lo Forte’s Caravaggio and Butter Melts Away My Letters, Abla Khoury’s Expiration Date, Raine Bode’s Bow down, Andrea Paciotto’s Spring Awakenings.

Denise is the Director and Curator of La MaMa Puppet Series and Festival, as well as La MaMa Kids Series.